• Finney’s MMA is for Everyone!

    Finney’s MMA is for Everyone!

    Most people believe sports like MMA, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are exclusive to 20-somethings or to individuals who trained most of their lives to become martial artists. Not even close!

    MMA, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are perfect for all ages and body types. All you need is a desire to have fun, get in amazing shape, and to learn while doing it!

    COED kickboxing class at Finney’s MMA is for everyone

    Over the years at Finney’s MMA, we’ve watched hundreds of individuals excel in our programs by losing weight, improving cardiovascular endurance, gaining muscle mass, and strengthening their overall health, resulting in happier, more energetic lives.

    Don’t take our word for it though! Here are some of our members describing their personal weight loss at Finney’s MMA:

    You don’t have to compete to enjoy the benefits of martial arts. The vast majority of our members learn valuable self defense skills and get in amazing physical condition without getting in the ring and competing.

    Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under BJJ black belt Ezra Lenon

    It’s extremely satisfying to witness the positive effects our classes have on our members’ day to day lives!

    At Finney’s MMA, our members have a great time getting in great shape without getting punched or kicked! Try us out yourself for 7 days absolutely FREE and see what we mean!

    Call us at 314-821-1144 or sign up here! See you in the gym!