• Finney’s MMA Has Something for Everyone

    Finney’s MMA Has Something for Everyone

    Whether you’re interested in getting in shape or competing, Finney’s MMA has a program to fit your goals! Read below to learn about each program! Kickboxing Kickboxing is an excellent way to build cardiovascular strength while having a blast. Our kickboxing classes are fast-paced, focused on conditioning and self-defense. Our instructors are professional fighters who

  • Summer Special for Students

    Summer Special for Students

    Attention all students! Call us today at 314-821-1144 to learn more about our special summer program! Spend your summer having a blast and getting in great shape at Finney’s MMA!

  • See a Difference at Finney’s MMA

    See a Difference at Finney’s MMA

    Here at Finney’s MMA, we feel that we have provide our members with a unique atmosphere that you just won’t find anywhere else. Read for yourself what makes Finney’s MMA different: Classes 7 days a week, featuring boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes Mens, womens, and COED classes Clean, safe,