2Kickboxing is an excellent way to build cardiovascular strength while having a blast. Our kickboxing classes are fast-paced, focused on conditioning and self-defense.

Our instructors are professional fighters who understand the technical details behind every punch and kick. Not only do our members get in amazing shape, they learn valuable self-defense, confidence building skills.

We have mens, all-womens, and co-ed classes. Beginners are given one-on-one, individualized attention to insure that they learn the fundamental techniques of striking at their own pace. We make you walk out of Finney’s MMA in better shape and more confident in your ability to defend yourself.

421107_588621541164697_1589379209_n[1]Members who are already experienced in striking can rest assured that they are in good hands as well. Our kickboxing instructors are full-time fighters who teach and train for a living. We don’t do this part time. Our instructors are here to make sure our members reach their goals, whether that be to compete, get in shape, or just have fun.

No matter where you are in your fitness goals right now, kickboxing is a great way to start your martial arts studies!

Want to try our kickboxing at Finney’s MMA for 7 days free? Call us at 314-821-1144 or sign up on our Contact page today!

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