As children try to juggle home and after-school responsibilities, fun and learning can often be at odds.

At Finney’s MMA, where we teach the disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, fun and learning go together like a one-two combo.

A child faces new challenges every day: time-management, homework, good-manners, and even bullies. Our Mini-Finney’s program is an excellent way for children to learn valuable tools to help handle life’s many challenges–all while having a great time!

We focus on building attitude, discipline, and respect in our students, so they have an advantage not only when it comes to martial arts but everyday life. Mini-Finney’s is 5 days a week, 45 minutes per class, and is designed to teach children self-defense, self-confidence, responsibility, and the value of hard work in a safe atmosphere organized and run by professionals.

Our classes are a positive way for children to release stress, learn the importance of physical fitness, and feel accomplishment after earning achievement. We have several strategies to teach the value of settings goals, working toward them, and fulfilling them:


  • Our students can witness the results of hard work first hand as they improve at the techniques they’ve learned through attentive listening and practice.
  • Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program offers belt advancement based on technique and character.
  • Our students often compete in grappling competitions and kickboxing exhibitions, where they learn the thrill of competition as their team and coaches cheer them on.
  • A skilled marital artist is a result of years of dedication, practice, effective learning, and a positive, respectful attitude. Our students learn these lessons while having a great time working toward a goal.

  • We invite any parents to bring their kids and try out our classes for 7 days free. We welcome all experience levels! Let’s get to work! Contact us now to start your FREE week!

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