• Finney’s MMA Youth Program

    Finney’s MMA Youth Program

    We are excited to introduce our Youth MMA Program!

    At Finney’s MMA, we reward our young students for accomplishing their MMA goals, always keeping the values of attitude, discipline, and respect in mind. Finney’s MMA is the only school in St. Louis with kids MMA classes, a one-of-a-kind program to build life skills for youth through mixed martial arts.

    In our program, when students have shown mastery over the appropriate techniques, they are rewarded with a new belt at a belting ceremony, where instructors, family, and friends show recognition to young martial artists for putting in the time at the gym and training hard.

    Below are some details about our Youth MMA program:

    • Unlike other belt systems, we incorporate all aspects of MMA in our instruction. Our program incorporates MMA, striking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and judo techniques.
    • Our program focuses on self-defense and anti-bullying solutions.
    • Colored belts & colored t-shirts are awarded to students who show the proper skills, character, and dedication. Each color represents a new rank in our program.
    • Classes are 5 days a week, taught by professional instructors who compete at the disciplines they teach on a professional level.
    • Starting athletics early gives children a head start with agility, discipline, and problem-solving skills. Several of our drills are designed to improve the coordination & thinking ability of young martial artists.
    • Although not required, many students compete in grappling competitions and kickboxing exhibitions where they learn the thrill of competitions in a safe environment as their team and coaches cheer them on.
    • Last, but not least, our classes are FUN! We understand the importance of making training fun for kids.

    We take great pride in our Youth MMA Program, and we invite parents to bring the young ones and try our classes for 7 days free. Classes are for ages 4-16 and all experience levels are welcome. Click Here to start your free trial today!

    We offer 7 days of FREE classes! Call us now at 314-821-1144 or contact us to start your first class today!