• Jiu-Jitsu Students get Promotions at Kiko France Seminar

    Over the weekend Brazilian Black Belt Kiko France held a seminar at Finney’s MMA. It was a great turnout of over 50 students including numerous Black Belts who also train at Finney’s.

    Head Jiu-jitsu instructor Ezra Lenon received his 1st degree on his black belt. This was a huge accomplishment for the talented and national ranked instructor. Youth instructor Tony Biondo received his Purple Belt along with Larissa Tozzi, who is Lenon’s first female to be promoted to purple. Receiving their blue belts were female standout Amanda Clifton and Kyle Greenwood who has been competing for a number of years.

    There were many stripe promotions for the people in attendance. Many students moved closer to the next promotion by receiving there 3rd and 4th stripes.

    It was a great day for the Jiu-jitsu team, and we are proud of all their accomplishments.