• Member Spotlight: Heather Leone

    Finney’s MMA member Heather Leone lost 130 pounds over the last year with kickboxing and personal training. She says, “It was a combination of class, eating right, and kickboxing personal training sessions with Steven Mann. I also worked out with Ryan Sutton a couple times a week. We would lift and do crossfit and things like that. He always switched things up.”

    Heather wore a heart monitor to count calories during her workouts. She compared running and kickboxing and found a difference.

    “I literally wear my heart monitor everyday,” she says, “so I can tell you the difference in my workouts. I’d run for an hour and I might burn 400 or 500 calories versus the 7-800 in an hour of kickboxing.

    “Kickboxing is great,” she continues, “because I can see the difference in the amount of calories I burn per workout. I’d burn 1100 to 1500 calories. The amount of calories I burn with kickboxing is more efficient than going and running for an hour.”

    Kickboxing requires cardio as well as muscle and balance. Heather says, “I also like that I can do cardio and still build and sculpt my look and build muscle mass. I like that I can do just one exercise that’s helping me achieve both goals.”

    Our personal training staff is composed of professionals, whether that means professional nutritionist or fighter. In Heather’s case, she worked with professional fighters Steven Mann and Ryan Sutton. Heather goes on, “Every employee has been a great help as far as encouraging me and giving me advice. If I had a question and we weren’t training they would be more than willing to answer it. I never felt like they were bothered. It was very encouraging and positive atmosphere.”

    We really appreciate the interview, Heather, and now you’re the one encouraging people to kick butt and stay healthy!

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